Alex Chrisman

Alex Chrisman



I'm a Californian residing in the Netherlands, having recently completed my MBA at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School . At the moment I’m consulting for Patagonia, working on their European stance on food and agriculture, as well as continuing to work with wine clients through my brand strategy practice, Alta.

Through a mix of skillsets in design, entrepreneurship, strategy, and operations, I help to transform good products and companies into remarkable ones.



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Prior to graduate school I founded two design agencies in San Francisco. In 2009 I partnered with a friend to start HoffmanChrisman, which was primarily a digital design studio, followed by Alta in 2012, a creative direction and brand strategy consultancy. For over a decade I've worked with clients ranging from ultra-premium wine brands and Fortune 500 companies to start ups and entrepreneurs in wine, lifestyle, consumer, technology, and health industries, as well as the non-profit sector. I'm proud to have contributed to client outcomes netting millions of dollarsbreathed new life into ailing brands, and brought brilliant, reclusive brands out of the shadows.



Great work comes from a marriage of insight and intuition; customer empathy and cultural understanding are as important as market analysis and financial models. I help to bridge that gap, creating vital and interesting products and businesses. I'm pursuing paths in product development, strategy, and general management, and would love to hear from you.



  • Brand creation, strategy, and management

  • PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT & Business model design

  • SME CONSULTING & Investment

  • EAST Africa and other emerging markets




Alex Chrisman

Korte Meerhuizenstraat 8-HS, 1078TL, Amsterdam, NL
+31 (0)6 8428 5172

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